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Visiting this unique area will be an unforgettable experience – with its diversity, there is something to interest and amaze everyone.

The Marine ecosystem is home to a variety of creatures, including Blue whales to tiny barber shrimp and the famous coelacanth. For the water-enthusiast there are Deep Sea Whale Watching Tours, where you can learn more about the ecosystem and view migrating gigantic Humpback whales. A guided visit to the Eastern Shores and Cape Vidal will give you the opportunity to snorkel amongst the tropical reefs and explore the life-rich tidal pools.

Lacing the dunes are a series of hiking trails, hides and lookout points where you can experience the Eastern Shores. Join a guided wilderness trail or a safari to receive the full benefits of visiting this area. On safari, areas of interest could include Bat’s Cave, significant lookout points, Lake Bhangazi (a sacred burial lake) and the Wetlands.

The Estuary is extensive – stretching from the mouth in the southern part of the park, and then northwards towards the Mkuze swamps. Organized tours allow visitors access to the fringe mangrove forests, basking hippos, crocodiles and a variety of aquatic birds. Fish eagles are always present with their smaller fishing partners, the Kingfishers. In the Main Lake, during certain parts of the year, it is also possible to see flamingos and pelicans.
The Western Shores cover an extensive area of savanna and thornveld (thorn trees and grassland). Traditionally considered the ancient shoreline, fossil deposits of ammonites, shark teeth, coral, seashells and fossilized tree trunks washed ashore millions of years ago are evidence of an ancient coastline. (copy & recommend)

•Hippo and Croc Tours have daily departure times. On these boat trips visitors get to see hippos, crocs, fish eagles, kingfishers, mangroves and a variety of flora and fauna.
•Night Drives explore the Eastern Shores after dark to investigate the nocturnal activities of resident fauna. Here you could see everything from chameleons, aardvark, antelope, owls, nightjars, porcupine, hippo, elephant and the occasional leopard.
•Wetlands Tours, which visit the Eastern Shores, include game-watching, birdlife, snorkeling, hikes and scenery which are always more interesting viewed from an open vehicle.
•Guided Fishing Safaris – these are expertly guided by registered guides. Both the novice and the expert will gain experience.
•Culture Tours to a local contemporary Zulu village will give the visitor insight into the Zulu Culture.
•Guided Hiking Trails enable visitors to glean environment information while hiking one of the many trails.
•Seasonal Whale Watching Tours.From May to October there are daily trips, depending on the weather, to view some of the thousands of Humpback whales migrating to the tropics.
•Turtle Tours. These are available from November to March, seats are limited, and regular sightings are made of Leatherback (900kg) and Loggerhead turtles nesting in the titanium-rich sands. This tour includes a night drive and dinner.
•Kayaking and Canoeing is available on the Estuary.
•Horse rides into the Bush and on the Beach are available.

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